The Royal Drummers of Burundi

Here are the first of several videos I hope to make available of the world famous Royal Drummers of Burundi practicing in Bujumbura. As you might expect, this video in no way does them justice. When they play you can feel the percussion against your chest. There simply is no way to describe it.

This was my fourth trip too Burundi. Everytime I've come, I've asked to see these talented performers. It's never worked out until this year. Martin (pictured right) seemed to know immediately why this year we were able to see them when we hadn't been able to before.

He leaned in close, poked me in the arm and grinned, "You got to see them this year because your brought a brother along!" Then he laughed. Martin has one of those bosterous, outragious, infectious, over-powering laughs that makes everyone's head turn his direction. Of course, his laugh makes everyone else laugh, including me. 

In response, I told Martin that if I wanted to get anything done in central Africa, then I'd have to bring him along every year. I think he's considering it!