A Kindred Spirit

Stumbled across a blog entitled Confessions of a Fundamentalist: Putting the 'Duh' in Fundamentalism. I haven't read everything yet, but what I've read I've liked. In particular, I greatly appreciated his understanding of what true fundamentalism (as opposed to caricatured fundamentalism) is. His post What is a Christian Fundamentalist? is must reading.

My only quibble with my dear brother is that he doesn't give his name, at least not anywhere that I've found. I'd be following him on Twitter if I knew who to look for. Perhaps his refreshing honesty is the underlying reason for remaining anonymous. Straight talk always gets you into trouble; it's just a matter of with whom and how bad.

Still, he's definitely going on my blog roll. I'm subscribing to his feed. I'm just hoping he'll visit me here sometime and step out from behind the curtain.