iBlogger for the iPhone: Initial Thoughts

In my ever vigilant attempt to leave my computer behind when I go to Africa, I have identified several obstacles to overcome. 

One seems impossible to defeat: how to get images from my camcorder or camera to my iPhone for blogging. I suppose I could use my iPhone camera specifically for blogging and save the pictures and videos for later. I *could* do that, but I'm not sure I want to. 

Not that the iPhone 3GS can't take some pretty good pictures. The one above was taken with my iPhone and included just to show that I can insert pictures taken this way. But most of the pictures from Africa will be taken with my point and shoot. So while this will be good for the quick post, it doesn't meet the need for any serious blogging.

The other problem is updating this blog. I've already examined the Squarespace app and found it wanting. So today I'm trying a different solution: iBlogger by illuninex. 

Already you've seen one of it's features, namely, the ability to embed links into the body text. This is the one thing that Squarespace couldn't do that seemed to be the deal killer for me.

Mind you I'm updating the blog with my iPhone 3GS and an Apple Aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. I know on the iPhone 4 you can actually edit movies taken with the camera. But that seems a bit beyond me and my limited hardware (and attention span) limits.

Still, it's good to know that I can do a quick update without pulling out my computer. So I"m considering this software a success. Of course, this means just one less excuse as to why I so seldom touch my blog.

Bottom line: I have found a solution that is easy, small, lightweight, and good for the quick update. And that's good enough for me. If you need to do quick updates like this, I recommend iBlogger available through the app store.