"Not in glory and magnificence, but in poverty…"

Every now and then you stumble upon a previously unknown quote that encapsulates your deepest thoughts. Below is such a quote. It is from the Russian Orthodox tradition, to which I do not subscribe. But that doesn't mean they're always wrong. In this instance at least, they describe the birth of our Lord with beauty and poetry.

Not in glory and magnificence, but in poverty, wretchedness, and humiliation does the Creator and Lord of heaven and earth appear in the world; not a luxurious palace, but a humble cave, receives the King of those who reign and the Lord of those who rule. By this we are shown the greatness of humility, poverty, meekness, and simplicity, and the ruinousness of pride, riches, vainglory, and luxury. The first deemed worthy to hear the Good News of the angels concerning the Birth of the Savior of the world, and the first to bow before Him, were the simple shepherds of Bethlehem… pastors. (Sergius Bulgakov, Manual for Orthodox Priests)